Zumbo Sugar Lips doughnut
That jam is extraordinary – bitter-sweet strawberry

Adriano Zumbo is known for his macarons (spelled with one ‘o’, not two), allegedly underpaying his workers (why is there nothing about that on his Wikipedia page?) and having the most unusual head in the celebrity chef universe.

His range of sweets expands well beyond macarons, and in fact, he does a range of doughnuts, which he calls ‘Sugar Lips’, in keeping with his way of giving things oddball names.

So I took a trip to The Star at Pyrmont, not to throw my hard-earned cash down the casino’s drain but to experience a doughnut by a renowned chef.

First things first, the service was very good. The young girls behind the expansive counter were attentive, knowledgeable and friendly without being saccharine sweet.

The famous macarons take up the lion’s share of the display case, but the keen-eyed will spot the doughnuts. All are filled doughnuts with a choice of three flavours – strawberry jam, Nutella and vanilla custard. I  went with the strawberry jam.

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Sugar Lips doughnuts

The strawberry jam-filled ‘Sugar Lips’ doughnut was quite wonderful. It is coated in crystal sugar and the dough is not too light and not too heavy. I felt that the doughnut was probably made much earlier in the day and was not as fresh as it could have been. I bought it at 5pm, so if you want one, I suggest going before lunchtime to get it at its peak.

The strawberry jam is what set this doughnut apart. It was a delicious bitter-sweet jam that was like a paste. It works perfectly with the dough and the sugar coating. Well done to Mr Zumbo for choosing this jam for the doughnuts. I guess he’s not a famous chef for nothing.

Zumbo at The Star
Zumbo at The Star, Pyrmont

Zumbo’s Sugar Lips