I feel sorry for the gluten intolerant. It’s like having a disability. All those delicious gluten-loaded foods out there staring them in the face and they can’t enjoy them.

I used to be gluten intolerant ignorant. I’d never heard of gluten, let alone gluten intolerance. It wasn’t until I worked at David Jones in the Foodhall and we started stocking a range of gluten-free sausages that I discovered a world of freaks out there who could not bear to eat a single crumb of gluten. As my understanding grew, I realised these people were not freaks but in fact ordinary members of society, blending into the day-to-day like the rest of us gluten tolerant people.

As we all know these days, doughnuts are 99.99 and a half percent gluten, approximately. So how could a gluten intolerant person bear to even walk past a doughnut without throwing caution to the wind and eating at least one little cinnamon doughnut like we normal people? How?! I admire their courage and conviction, their self-discipline and their self-preservation.

I’m pleased to say, relief is at hand.

A company called the GF Dessert Co. produces gluten free doughnuts.

gf image1

I thought I’d give them a go for the sake of my gluten intolerant friends out there.

I was at the Peakhurst Foodies Market, which happens on the last Friday of each month. The GF Dessert Co. makes the doughnuts while you wait, so they are fresh and hot when you get them – definitely the best way to eat these doughnuts.

Being gluten free, they do have a different taste. They are made with soy and maize flour – interesting. They have a slightly crispy shell and a soft buttery dough that collapses when you bite into them. It’s as though they literally melt in your mouth. They’re smothered in cinnamon sugar.

They do variations, such as an iced doughnut, which they ice on the spot, and some little bites including an obligatory Nutella version.

I had one the following day and it wasn’t as nice – which is not a criticism because they are made to be enjoyed at once.

The GF Dessert Co. does the Peakhurst Markets and the associated Ramsgate Markets, as well as Gluten Free Expos. Check their Facebook page.

GF Dessert Co.