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Bäckerei @ Greenwood Plaza, North Sydney – hey mate, get out of my shot


Isn’t it amazing that doughnuts are global? It seems every country has their own version, as though it was simply meant to be.

And the German version is called a Berliner. Who would have thought that if walking down the streets of Berlin, you’d be strolling among people otherwise known as doughnuts.

Bäckerei in Greenwood Plaza is a German bakery, with bread, sandwiches and the ubiquitous pretzel. Germany bakeries seem popular in Sydney – the service is swift, the choice is broad, the cost is reasonable. You can find a few in shopping malls that appear pretty much the same.

At Bäckerei in Greenwood Plaza, they sell quite a few delights, sweet and savoury. Among the sweet selection are some doughnuts. Here, I’m looking at the Apple Berliner.


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The Apple Berliner is not their only doughnut


I’ll be upfront and say this isn’t my favourite doughnut in the world. Indeed, claiming to know every single doughnut in North Sydney, I’d say it’s not my favourite doughnut in that area either. But I can certainly see the charm and appeal.


Backerie 1
Apple Berliner from Bäckerei


The Apple Berliner certainly caught my eye because you don’t get many doughnuts filled with apple. Unfortunately, this one didn’t have very much apple at all in it. What apple there is, isn’t overly sweet, which is okay by me.

The dough was flavoursome, with a floury feel but without the greasy-fried after-taste. It’s soft on the inside, like traditional doughnuts rather than the cakey-style you get from time to time. The soft sugar dusted on the outside is its only real source of sweetness.

I’ve never been to Germany, and I wonder where the Berliner sits among the hierarchy of sweets there. I don’t see people flocking to Germany on the strength of Bäckerei’s Apple Berliner, but things could be worse.

Worth a try.