Quick Bites, on the eastern side of Circular Quay, has been around since Sydney was a baby. It’s rumoured that the shape of the Harbour Bridge was designed on a doughnut from Quick Bites, but maybe I made that up… who can tell?

I’m pretty sure they used to be more of a doughnut shop, and now diversify by stocking a wider range of sweets these days.


Before I get to the doughnut, I just want to say a couple of things about Circular Quay, an area I know very well having worked there for the best part of 13 years. There are now more coffee shops and little food outlets than a few years ago. However, at the time I write this, September 2017, the area is struggling big time with the construction of the light rail. Alfred Street is a total mess and has been for months. I feel very sorry for the businesses in the area who must be severely affected. I hope they can survive the tough time and enjoy the spoils when there is light at the end of the light rail tunnel.


Now to the doughnut issue.

I chose the doughnut with passionfruit icing. It looked incredibly tempting. It was, I have to say, somewhat disappointing. I felt it was a bit stale – perhaps left over from the previous day’s stock.

Notably, it wasn’t a Bob & Pete’s (Barclay St Bakery) doughnut who supply a great big percentage of Sydney’s doughnuts, including Woolworths. The icing was too shiny, where a Bob & Pete’s doughnut has a matt icing. I don’t think Bob & Pete’s makes a passionfruit doughnut, either.

The dough was a cake-style, firm and with plenty of flavour… just not real fresh. Such a shame.


Quick Bites