I thought I had reviewed Berliner Bakery’s Custard Doughnut before, but searching through all the posts, it looks like I have not. Until now.

Berliner Bakery makes one of Sydney’s best doughnuts. Always fresh, always soft, always with quality fillings, Berliner Bakery doughnuts are a perfect example of great doughnuts without the flambouyant fillings or toppings. Most days, they only sell four different fillings: Custard, Nutella, Raspberry Jam and Custard & Rubharb.

You’ll find Berliner Bakery at various markets around Sydney – I recommend that you check their weebsite or socials for the latest venues. Be warned, they usually sell out of doughnuts at the markets, so don’t get there late. Look for the unmistakeable pink signage. They also do deliveries to certain areas in Sydney.

The Custard Doughnut was, as expected, very good.

The custard was not too sweet. It had a nice thick consistency. The dough was lovely and slightly chewy. It was coated in fine sugar.

Berliner Bakery has a new product coming soon. I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag, because it’s not my place to do that. But it’s an interesting business progression.

Berliner Bakery