Amazingly, today DomNuts celebrates its 5 year milestone.

That’s 5 years of doughnut reviews at a rate of more than one post a week.

I want to repeat up front here what I often say – I am not an ‘influencer’. I have never been paid to write a review nor received doughnuts for free for the purpose of writing a review. I have never asked for free doughnuts. I don’t earn money from this site. It’s a hobby and will remain so.

Most of the reviews are about doughnuts from Sydney stores, but I do try and get around. Whenever I get outside of Sydney, I try the local doughnuts and talk about them here.

If you haven’t noticed, sometimes I use the spelling ‘doughnut’ and other times ‘donut’. To be clear, I usually use ‘doughnut’. I only use ‘donut’ if that’s what the store has called it.

Thanks for reading DomNuts. I know that some people use it as reference, and I can’t tell you how happy I am about that.

If you have any comments or suggestions you are welcome to leave a comment or contact me.