I heard about a fairly new place near Kings Cross called Don’t Doughnuts.

I’m not sure if I like the name. I get the cleverness of it, but it’s a negative message.

Anyway, I visited them on a Saturday afternoon.

It was a cafe, but the main doors were closed, making it just hole-in-the-wall service. I’m not sure why they did this, but perhaps it’s easier if everything is takeaway. I’m also not sure if that’s just a Saturday afternoon arrangement or permanent. Judging by their website, it’s not permanent.

They had a few doughnut flavours in their display case. I eventually chose the ‘Alcapone’. The spelling is as I’ve typed it – one word: Alcapone. Alcapone is a flavour of doughnuts, probably from America, which have white chocolate glazing and crushed nuts.

And that’s what this Alcapone had.

There was covering of hard white chocolate icing. It broke away from the doughnut as I was eating it.

The doughnut itself was quite delicious. It was buttery, a bit like a cronut. Nicely chewy and somewhat hearty.

It had crushed nuts and bits of white chocolate generously sprinkled on top.

Here’s how they describe their doughnuts:
Signature sourdough-brioche hybrid dough is the first of its kind in Australia and is the perfect canvas to our brave new varieties and flavors.

‘Flavors’ is also their spelling.

So, the verdict is… nice doughnuts and a bit different to everyone else.

Don’t Doughnuts