Someone where I work decided they would elevate themselves to hero status and get a couple of boxes of doughnuts from LA Donuts delivered.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a doughnut from LA Donuts, so I was very keen to give it a try.

Doughnnuts from LA Donuts, Beverly Hills, Sydney
Doughnnuts from LA Donuts, Beverly Hills, Sydney

How was it?

Wonderful. Just wonderful.

I had the one with the vanilla glazing. It was delciously soft and moist without being oily. It gave way beautifully when I bit into it. It was fresh and mouth-watering.

The flavour was superb.

Vanilla Glazed Doughnut, LA Donuts
Vanilla Glazed Doughnut

It’s no wonder people come from far and wide to get their doughnuts.

The glaze was also very good. Enough to make it tasty but not too much to make it sickly sweet.

Clearly, LA Donuts is one of Sydney’s best doughnut stores.

LA Donuts