On my recent visit to the famous Eumundi Markets on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, I found a doughnut stall called Donut Kitchen. How could I resist?

They had some pre-made iced doughnuts in the cabinet. But they also did filled doughnuts while you wait. So I got myself a Vanilla Custard Doughnut.

Donut Kitchen, Eumundi Markets
Donut Kitchen, Eumundi Markets

Their website says the owners drew inspiration from the famous American Doughnut Van at the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, which they visitied as children. Apart from that, they don’t give too much away about who they are, which is a shame because I’m sure people would like to know a bit more about them. They also don’t give too much away about where to get their doughnuts from. You need to check their Facebook page to see where they are from week to week.

As I said, I got the Vanilla Custard Doughnut, but that was a difficult choice among several tempting flavours.

Donuts, Donut Kitchen, Eumundi Markets
Donuts, Donut Kitchen, Eumundi Markets

My doughnut was warm, so I sat down and had it straight away.

It was a very nice doughnut. It was covered in caster sugar and the vanilla custard was soft yet not too runny. Whether the custard is home made or not they don’t let on, but I’m going to guess by the flavour that it isn’t home made. There was a decent amount inside as well as popping out the top.

Vanilla Custard Donut, Donut Kitchen, Eumundi Markets 2
Vanilla Custard Donut, Donut Kitchen, Eumundi Markets

The dough was very good. Nice and chewy without being tough. It was just a touch undercooked and a little bit oily. They describe them as: Warm cloud-like pillows of dough with yummy fillers.

I can highly receommend doughnuts from the Donut Kitchen.

Donut Kitchen