This place has recently opened in Mortdale. They are a new store selling burgers and doughnuts.

The doughnuts are not in any way gourmet flavours. It’s as though they are shunning the exotic flavours and going for the crowd pleasers.

One of their doughnut choices was a pineapple doughnut – something that has a rich heritage in Sydney. So if you make a pineapple doughnut, you better do it right.

Sadly, they didn’t.

Firstly, $7 for a basic doughnut. I know they have rents to pay, staff to pay, overheads to cover… but $7?!

Then there’s the flavour. It’s nothing out of the box. And certainly didn’t bring me back to the pineapple doughnuts of the good ole days. The flavour was very thinly layered on top and was over-powered by the flavour of the dough. A good pineapple doughnut has much more glazing.

The dough was chewy and not that pleasant.

You know, it’s a real shame to have to write something like this about a business’s product. But I’m being honest. Like I said… if you make a pineapple doughnut, you better do it right.

When I went in, there was a young girl who served me. We could barely hear each other over the loud music – Why? Why? Why? Turn the music down and your service will improve. You might even get some of the older crowd who enjoy burgers and doughnuts. I felt sorry for the girl.

I had to point out a glaring typo on their menu board to the girl. I couldn’t help myself. She looked at me as if to say, “You’re the millionth person who’s pointed that out.”

So, sadly I won’t be rushing back to Bake & Buns.

Bake & Buns