It’s getting easier to get a hold of a decent gluten free doughnut in this city.

G-Free has been doing them for a while, and I think they have improved their recipe.

I had one recently, and the taste was not too dissimilar to an average everyday gluten cinnamon doughnut.

It helps when it’s loaded with cinnamon sugar.

The dough of the G-Free doughnut was firm and a good replica of a gluten doughnut. The flavour was better than other gluten free doughnuts I’ve tried. In fact it was better than some gluten doughnuts I have tried.

So for all you gluten intolerant people craving a doughnut fix, G-Free is a good option.

You’ll find them at various markets.

It’s a good idea to check their website or follow them on socials, because market stall holders can be there one week and gone the next.