The Station Patisserie at Sutherland in Sydney’s south opened for business on 8 August 2020. I was there that day, their first morning of trading, purely by chance.

And do you know what? I liked what I saw.

There were house-made doughnuts as well as other foods made right there at the shop.

The Station Patisserie is a cafe that make their own foods. And prices are delightfully reasonable.

One of the doughnuts I got that day was a jam-filled doughnut. I got it for my daughter who loves jam-filled doughnuts.

She loved it.

The jam was runny. I think it was strawberry jam, and was quite possibly the apple sauce made to appear like strawberry jam (have you heard about that?) It didn’t appear to have the little seeds that strawberries have, so I think my assumption has merit.

You can see by the photos that the jam looked much better in the display case than it did an hour later when I got it home.

Another thing to note is that there was a small hard piece of jam in the middle – see photo. Now, I wouldn’t really pay much attention to that small fact, but I have to wonder how it got there. I thought the piping dispenser for doughnut fillings was a lot thinner than that.

Anyway, however it got there, it was there. A choking hazard for sure and maybe even a tooth-breaking hazard.

I still highly recommend The Station Patisserie in Sutherland for some good home-made treats.

The Station Patisserie