It’s that time of year for which we all wait with eager anticipation – National Doughnut Day. Celebrated on the first Friday in June each year, the day is a chance for doughnut shops to up their marketing game.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Sydney doughnut shops to see what they are doing. As usual, some are doing special offers to mark the day, while some will just say, hey it’s doughnut day so buy a doughnut.

I’ll put screen shots here of what’s happening and update it throughout the week when, and if, I spot more. Usually the stores start jumping on the wagon through the week.

The first, and one that’s going to be hard to beat, is from Mama’s Kiwi Donuts.

The next is a discount on delivery from Dr Dough.

The next one is Grumpy Donuts just telling you to get a doughnut.

And next is The Doughnut Mum, which is closed for renovations, but opening on Doughnut Day with a promise of ‘surprises’.

Donut Papi wouldn’t miss National Doughnut Day. What are they doing? Faster service! Umm… can’t they offer that every day?

Krispy Kreme is making it a whole month of celebrations – why waste you’re energy on one day?

A fairly new player in the doughnut game, Big Daddy’s in the Macquarie Centre at North Ryde, is introducing a new flavour. Hmmm, that’s not a real big one. Everyone introduces new flavours from time to time.

And a few late additions. The first is My Donut Box with a discount on their Giant Pink Donut Cake.

And Milk Bar by Cafe Ish in Refern has this unique one…

LA Donuts in Beverly Hills (that’s Sydney’s Beverly Hills) is running a fun competition, or as they call it ‘giverway’, but not my sort of thing.

And OMG Donuts in Potts Point is doing what the essence of Doughnut Day is really about – donating money to the Salvation Army.

I hope you have a happy National Doughnut Day.

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