There are no Dunkin’ Donuts stores in Australia. I don’t know why.

While many specialty food stores struggle here, I feel that the business model of Dunkin’ Donuts would succeed.

It’s interesting to see that in America, Dunkin’ Donuts is progressively re-branding the stores to simply Dunkin, and it appears they are re-designing them to operate a little differently.

That’s Dunkin’ as opposed to the name Duncan. Perhaps there’s an angle for the Australian market – call it ‘Duncan’ and all the oldies would roll in singing “I love to have a doughnut with Duncan”.

Sydney's best doughnuts
One of the new Dunkin’ concept stores in the USA

Anyway, back in the USA, a lot of people are up in arms about the change of name. The company says that the stores with the new name are next generation concept stores, but many people seem to think it’s a slow move towards a complete change.

Even though the announcement was made back in January 2018, the story didn’t seem to make much news until August.

Here’s the story from Dunkin’ Donuts point of view.

And here’s the story from a journalist’s point of view.

Sydney's best doughnuts
This appeared on Facebook recently

In my opinion, if you still get your doughnuts there, why all the fuss?

Of course, the conspiracy theorist in me says it could be a case of manufactured publicity.

Update: I received this on Twitter…

Dunkin Twitter


Sounds official to me!

Dunkin’ Donuts