I didn’t get a doughnut @ Queenscliff, Victoria

Queenscliff is a short comfortable drive from Geelong. I wouldn’t go for the water views, but if you’re into antiques, art and other things people over the age of 100 like, then it could be of interest.

Among the antique stores in Queenscliff are two bakeries.

Rolling Pin Pies and Cakes claims to have been the overall winner of the Best Gourmet Pie in 2016. So, like a good writer I did my research and sure enough, they did win! But I didn’t get a gourmet pie. Neither did I get a doughnut. They had small cinnamon doughnuts that looked okay, but nothing too exciting.

Down the road near the end of the shopping precinct is a place called Alchemy Woodfire Bakehouse.

Their stuff looked amazing. Fresh, colourful and inviting. They had something in the window that looked like it could have been a cronut, but I think it was an apple pie. The only reason I didn’t get one was because I’d had enough to eat, and I just didn’t feel like something else. I look back and regret it, but whatchagunnado?

Rolling Pin Pies and Cakes

Alchemy Woodfire Bakehouse