Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish @ Marché Mövenpick, 313@somerset, Orchard Road, Singapore

Singapore is known for Raffles, its lack of chewing gum and its Sling – the drinking variety, not the broken shoulder variety.

One thing it’s not known for is its doughnuts.

And for good reason. There aren’t many. Walking along famous Orchard Road from Newton Circus to the Bay, there wasn’t a doughnut to be found. Hence, I feel very sorry for the people of Singapore – so deprived of easy access to quality doughnuts.

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Marché Mövenpick

So I had to cheat a bit in order to talk about another doughnut from Singapore – because it’s not a doughnut. It’s a Danish.

Marché Mövenpick is in a shopping mall called 313@somerset, which is one of the many shopping malls along the famous Orchard Road.

I haven’t quite worked out yet if Marché Mövenpick is related in any way to the ice-cream chain in Sydney called Mövenpick.

Anyway, they had stacks of prepared food in the display case and it all looked very tempting. The Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish caught my eye, but really, I could have chosen anything.

It had a cinnamon coating with cream cheese that wasn’t sweetened. There wasn’t much blueberry buried inside.

It was pleasantly nice without being as exceptional as I hoped.

Marché Mövenpick