I like going to markets, seeing the many things for sale, the range of foods and the different types of people who go there. I’d use the word ‘eclectic’ but by God if I see someone use that word one more time I’m going to hit them with a thesaurus.

La Trobe 151
Mmmm – good choices

I get the feeling La Trobe 151 is a fairly small producer of doughnuts. They only seem to do the Glebe and Rozelle Markets, as well as private orders and wholesale. That’s not a criticism. Far from it.

Their spread of doughnuts at Glebe Markets is really impressive. I can tell lots of love goes into these things by the little additions, like the cocktail umbrellas and the syringes of Nutella.

La Trobe 151
Lemon Love

However, you can make a doughnut as pretty as you like, if it doesn’t taste any good, what’s the point?

Fortunately, these are very good.

La Trobe 151
Love it!

The Lemon Love has a very nice filling of curd and is topped with toasted coconut. There’s also a little icing flower on top.

I wonder just what sort of difference to sales that icing flower makes. I reckon loads.

Certainly worth a try.

La Trobe 151
The stand at Glebe

La Trobe 151