I did not find a good doughnut @ Mt Gambier, South Australia

Mt Gambier is a very nice place. Full of mainly, but not entirely, nice people.

It’s just on the South Australian side of the border near Victoria.

If you go, I urge you to have a look at the Blue Lake. It is truly remarkable. I could stare at it for ages. It is the crater of a dormant volcano. Blue-tiful! What makes it such a vivid blue? Apparently it is that colour only from December to March, after which it turns a grey colour, and no one is 100% sure why.

What I did not manage to find was a place that sold decent doughnuts.

There are plenty of cafés, none with doughnuts.

I couldn’t find a bakery. I’m sure there’s got to be one somewhere, but no joy.

The local Coles had a good selection of doughnuts, but hey, who wants supermarket doughnuts?

And so I bid South Australia farewell, reflecting upon a 9-day journey, having tasted 15 fine doughnuts and turning my back on dozens more.