Supermarket Doughnuts @ Mannum, South Australia

So you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, which is not that unusual when you’re driving around Australia. But what do you find? A good old IGA supermarket. They’re like weeds – they pop up everywhere and they’re damned hard to get rid of.

Actually Mannum isn’t really in the middle of nowhere. It’s just west of Adelaide, but it was one of those hot, hot days and it’s one of those really quiet towns, so it just felt like it was the middle of nowhere.

You’ll be pleased to know that the IGA at Mannum has doughnuts.

Mass produced doughnuts.

I didn’t get any that day.

I don’t get supermarket doughnuts unless I’m desperate. And I had a good feeling I’d find better doughnuts somewhere else later that day.

And my gut instinct was right. Tune in next week.

IGA, Mannum