I didn’t make it to the Easter Show this year, but I do have first-hand reports of two of the better doughnut offerings. Both are in the Woolworths Pavilion, also known as the Dome.

The first is My Donut Box.

Apart from the Easter Show, you’ll find them at six locations around Sydney. Their doughnuts and cronuts are pretty good. I’ll admit I didn’t get to try much because my kids scoffed them before I got near them.

The second is Donut Bomb.

Apart from the Easter Show, you’ll find them at Liverpool. Now here is a place I’ve been wanting to try for a while, it’s just that their Liverpool opening times don’t suit me. But I will get there.

They do desserts based around doughnuts. And they look spectacular.

I got a mouthful of their pavlova doughnut. It was good… very good. The sort of good that makes you want to jump on the M5 to Liverpool ASAP.

Donut Bomb at the Easter Show has a printed sheet with an offer. Here it is. I don’t think they ran this one past their legal department – where are the terms and conditions?

Donut Bomb offer March2018

There are other doughnuts at the Easter Show, including a stand selling gluten-free ones, but, well, you know, I’m not gluten intolerant, so I’ll give them a miss. Non-gluten-free doughnuts are much nicer.

My Donut Box

Donut Bomb