So I go to the legendary Capitano’s pizza joint in North Sydney for the first time in a billion years.

Nek minut, it’s closed.

A new place called Via Della Spiga opens. And what’s this? They have doughnuts!

DomNuts Sydney's best doughnuts
North Sydney location

I won’t lie – I didn’t try this doughnut. In fact, this is the first post where the doughnut being reviewed isn’t one I tried. The honours go to one of my adoring fans… a colleague and a cat enthusiast. Being a cat enthusiast has nothing to do with this story, but I will point out that she is also a Nutella enthusiast, which is far more appropriate to the story.

She bought the Nutella Doughnut.

She was very disappointed.

The full extent of the Nutella is what you see in the picture – a small blob sitting on top.

Also, the doughnut was not fresh.

That’s not good. A non-fresh doughnut is no longer a doughnut. It’s landfill.

Come on guys, pick up your game.

DomNuts Sydney's best doughnuts
They have a small selection of doughnuts available

Via Della Spiga