Hi, I’m Dom and I’m mad about doughnuts. Anywhere I go, I hunt around for the best doughnuts I can find. So, as a proud Sydney-sider, I’m here to offer my unbiased opinions on Sydney’s best doughnuts.

Now, I have to be upfront. If I find a bad doughnut, I won’t talk about it. I’m not going to bad-mouth a doughnut and potentially cripple some poor bugger’s business (clearly, I have grand plans for the breadth and scope of my blog). What I would rather do is sing the praises of those wonderful people out there producing high-quality doughnuts for those of us who delight in their deliciousness.

With the above comment in mind, you might notice some notable omissions to my blog. I won’t bother reviewing plastic rings that go under the name of ‘doughnuts’. Over-priced and under-flavoured coloured crap that have nothing of substance about them except marketing power.

That gripe aside, I have tried and tested some exceptional doughnuts in Sydney, and I feel compelled to share those discoveries with the world.

A lot of these types of blogs and online articles cover the well-known doughnut outlets. I’ll get to most of them too. But let me tell you, I have discovered some hidden gems that you won’t read about, but are nonetheless deserving of more than I can provide. These are master doughnut makers, humbly plying their trade in the suburbs of Sydney. I thank them for giving me joy, if not higher cholesterol.

I want to make it clear that I do not expect to receive free doughnuts in exchange for a favourable post. I turn up to a shop, choose and pay for my doughnut as would any other man on the street. If it is up to the grade, it gets a post.

If you are aware of any doughnuts out there that belong here, let me know in your comments. I love nothing more than discovering new doughnuts and sharing the story with the world.

Any other comments are also welcome, within reason, of course.

Finally, enjoy your doughnuts responsibly, for without doughnuts, we would be half the people we are today.