Cook & Baker cream doughnuts
Cream doughnuts from the Cook & Baker

I only visit Bondi Junction once a year, and that’s straight after the City2Surf. So having done a tough run, I consider myself deserving of a treat. And there’s no better place in Bondi Junction to give yourself a treat than The Cook & Baker.

The Cook & Baker is a tiny shop front with a few small tables crammed in for good measure. Most of their floor space is consumed by the baking area. I believe everything is baked on site.

There are many wonderful treats here, including sweet and savoury, but their signature delight is the cream doughnut. Available in 2 sizes, this beauty is a genuine melt-in-your-mouther. The dough is soft and fluffy. The cream is not too sweet. And then there is the surprising burst of jam in the centre. Absolutely delicious and worth the trip to Bondi Junction.

They also do a cinnamon doughnut, again delicious, but the cream doughnut is the clear hero.

The Cook & Baker – 238 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction

The Cook & Baker