Sydney's best doughnuts

The thought of having a Belgian Doughnut sort of appeals to me, but then again it doesn’t.

It appeals to me… if I can have it in Belgium.

But in Sydney, Australia? No thanks.

I assume the ones at IGA are transported frozen from Belgium.

I wonder how long they take to get here.

I wonder how they are kept frozen.

I wonder how long they have been defrosted for.

So many questions to be asked.

I had a look at the Aryzta website, that being the company who supplies the doughnuts. I’ve plonked a screen grab of the front page here for reference. Near their logo, it says they have a ‘Passion for good food’. However, the headline tells me a little bit of a different story – they are “Focused on shareholder value creation”.

Aryzta website

You can also see the share prices feature quite prominently.

So, are they interested in making great food or making their shareholders wealthy? Can they do both at the same time?

Again, unanswered questions.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Doughnuts from Belgium… really?
Sydney's best doughnuts
And here’s one from France!

To me, the doughnuts don’t look very appealing. If you’re enjoying them, your standards are too low. You can do better.

I think shareholder value creation is more important to Aryzta than good food. I’m left wondering, why does IGA stock them when there are far better Australian doughnuts available?